There's 2 parts to my name, Kual which stands for Coal and dir which stands for deer.

As a kid you were always told bad kids get coal for Christmas, this word was chosen to set the Christmas theme with Deer but also has its own meaning. I was always told I was the "example" student but as I got older school got harder and stress grew higher, because of this I started making mistakes (all kids and teens do) these weren't big but the response from people always impacted me greatly. Doing something minorly bad and just having somebody bring it up could destroy my mood for the next hour / the rest of the day.

This is where the most important part of my name starts in my opinion, if you think of a Christmas deer who do you think of? Rudolph, the reindeer who didn't fit in with the others. This is how I felt everywhere, I wasn't interested in the same things as everybody around me and usually didn't like "childish" stuff. I was never able to find my place nor was I able to find likeminded people. But just like Rudolph I finally found my place where I feel like I belong.

Why Kualdir and not CoalDeer?
I wanted my username to be unique so I was able to use it anywhere (or at least something like it) I used to use random name generators a lot a long while ago and still had a list of names, out of that list I took random parts and put them together until I found something that sounded like CoalDeer and also looked good. So yeah, this part isn't as interesting as the naming part but I wanted the name to be permanent and not change anymore which is why it took me months to finally get this username. This username is like a second name to me and has a lot of meaning for me.


I've done a few different things in school, from studying trade to computer science. I already knew I wanted to do Computer Science from the start of highschool but because of the Belgian education system I had to wait until my last 2 years to have that oppertunity. Because of that I tried out other things in the road to Computer Science.

Industrial Science
I did Industrial Science for 1 year to try it out. While the science and STEM part were really enjoyable electricity and mechanics were not my favorite.

As I didn't want to continue Industrial Science I wanted to try out Trade, where I would also have a small amount of Computer Science in it. While I enjoyed the Computer Science part the trade part, and change of school did not help my grades. I failed this year because of a motivation loss, school change and new classes I could not keep up with. Since this year I've never been able to regain the same motivation for school as before.

Graphics Design
After the horrible year of following Trade with all it's issues. I chose to go back to the school I used to be at before to follow Graphics Design and after that year the plan was to follow Computer Science. This year went by pretty easy in the studying and work part but did have it's difficulty with bullying and bad classmates.

Computer Science (Current year)
I finally started my Computer Science classes after 5 years of highschool which did not go that well. Now that I am finally in what I wanted to do for so long, I am slowly starting to get motivation to do things in Computer Science like creating this website. I know that I need to go to college to be able to get a good job in Computer Science but I don't know how well that'd go with my current motivation in the school system. I would rather start work right out of highschool but do realize that is not a preffered decision.

Future plans
I am currently planning on studying in the United States after graduating highschool in Belgium. If I am however unable to go to the states to study I will be going to a local university to do Computer Science there. After school I hope to work as a Full Stack Developer or in the Cyber Security field, which one it will be depends on where I study.